The mother of Ramesses II, the queen of the valley of the queens, is thought to be the adaptive mother of Prophet Moses. She was one of the correspondents in the placement of the year 21 peace treaty between Egypt and Hatti. The queen would have been beautiful in a bed of roses and jasmine flowers, so we created a fragrance exactly accentuated around those flowers. The fragrance starts off juicy and tart with rhubarb and blackcurrant, then morphs into a rose, jasmine and tuberose scent on a silky vanilla and musk base.



Release date – February 2022

Category – Amber Floral


Top: Blackcurrant – Rhubarb

Middle: Rose – Ylang-Ylang – Jasmine – Frangipani

Base: Vanilla – Tuberose – Musk – Patchouli – Sandalwood


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