“Tiba”, those prominent Arabic letters that we intentionally wrote in an ancient Arabic script inspired by the sunrise over the old city, which undoubtedly has sacred layers we wanted to inculcate with the scent of the distilled Damask rose, which is also abundantly spiced with cardamom and precious saffron. Summoning souls that preceded us on this earth, they celebrated the same place “Tiba” and approached the God of the heavens, they wrote us messages and sent with them the warmth of their hands, which we enhanced with wood, warm chocolate and Red Wine accord to provide an aged character to enhance the first scenes of history, Clove, nutmeg and airy roses, it is the fragrance of the sages that ends with luxurious suede, dry tobacco leaves and genuine sandalwood, and amber at the base of the fragrance for the tranquility of dusk.

Perfumer: Chris Maurice.

Concentration: Extrait De Parfum.

Size: 100 ML.

Top: Damask Rose, Raisins, Neroli, Nutmeg, Cloves, Saffron, Linden, Citron.
Heart: Turkish rose; Centifolia Rose, Red wine, Cherry, Dark chocolate, Cacao, Pimento, Bourbon.
Base: Amber, Tonka, Oak wood, Vanilla, Tobacco.

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